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The Trigon Executive Assessment Center is a personal and organizational development firm in business for the purpose of helping people and organizations reach their full potential. Their approach can be broken down into three elements critical to the success of any organization: Purpose, People and Processes.

Purpose: They help organizations develop "purpose-driven" cultures. The philosophy revolves around this fundamental principle of human motivation: "Without a purpose our only motivation is reward and punishment." It is the role of the leadership to establish and communicate the purpose of the organization in terms that no one can help but understand. The purpose is the cornerstone of the culture. They help leaders think beyond the traditional "mission statement" and dig deeper to define the purpose. This establishes the "why" behind the "how." When people buy into and understand the "why" they are able to more effectively accomplish the "how."

People: According to the Gallup Organization, 55% of today's workforce has no enthusiasm for their work. Gallup describes them as "not engaged." 19% are so negative they poison the workforce to the degree that their companies would be better off if they called in sick. This means 74% have little to no motivation. The traditional methods of motivating employees - reward (pay, perks) and punishment (reprimands, the fear of losing a job, intimidation) - may have succeeded to some degree with past generations of employees but have a limited influence on today's workforce.

People today are searching for two things: 1) the opportunity to reach their own potential (defined as Self-Actualization by Abraham Maslow) and 2) the opportunity to contribute their potential to something bigger than themselves. People want and need to identify with a common purpose that is collectively bigger than the individuals employed there. Then they must see how their piece of the puzzle fits into the big picture of that purpose. This enables them to rise above their baser needs and become intrinsically motivated as opposed to being merely extrinsically manipulated by reward and punishment. Aligning the right people with the right positions enables them to contribute their unique behavioral talents. Purpose is the one "motive" that appeals to the human spirit enabling us to rise above our animal natures and truly be motivated.

Processes: Change is a process, not an event. Our services include consulting, speaking, coaching and other learning resources. While speakers, workshops, consulting, coaching, books, tapes, videos and other forms of learning may provide excellent information they do not necessarily result in personal or organizational transformation unless they are part of a continuous developmental process. Since every organization is in a different stage of change, we customize the processes to fit the organization. 

Trigon Executive Assessment Center is a personal and organizational development firm in business for the purpose of helping people and organizations reach their full potential. We guarantee positive measureable results to those committed to improving performance in their professional business role, whether it be CEO, Vice President, General Management, Sales Management, Sales, Customer Service, or Human Relations and Communications Specialist.

Trigon provides:

  • Personalized management training
  • Year-round coaching, evaluation and reinforcement
  • In-house training and strategizing
  • Prospect-tested techniques that work in any environment
  • A unique way of balancing behavior and attitude
  • Quality management for productive operations
  • Personalized one on one coaching
  • DISC and Workplace Motivators and Personal Skills Training
  • Employee assessments
  • Hiring Right
  • Worklife Balance
  • Sales and Sales Management

Trigon offers:

  • TTI Performance Systems Ltd. Products
    (MA Certified Distributor since 1992)
  • Managing for Success® (MFS) Software which is a family of software reports that meet a variety of needs for improving individual and organizational effectiveness. MFS provides organizations and managers a way of understanding how best to communicate, motivate and manage themselves and others, as well as how not to communicate with someone unless you enjoy pain. It even lists areas of improvement.

If you are unhappy with...

  • Turnover,
  • Management Development or
  • Employee Performance

then please review our web site in detail and call us at 480-423-1776 or email us so we can help you address these challenges.


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