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Trigon Executive Assessment Center offers several Assessment Tools used in the Coaching and Consulting process that are designed to help you and your organization Discover Greatness!

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TTI Success Insights TM (Behavioral Style)
This assessment analyzes behavioral style; that is, HOW people do things,
HOW they act, HOW they respond to their environment.
The report measures 4 dimensions of normal behavior:

  1. How you respond to problems and challenges.
  2. How you influence and interact with other people.
  3. How you respond to the pace of your environment.
  4. How you respond to rules and procedures set by others.

This assessment is available in numerous versions including:

- Executive Version
- Management-Staff TM Version
- Sales Version TM
- Team Building TM Version
- Time P.L.U.S. TM Version
- Customer Service Version
- Interviewing Insights TM Version (General)

- Interviewing Insights TM Version (Sales)
- Communicating With Style TM
- Family Relationships TM
- Family Relationships TM - Yough Adult
- Career Planning Insights TM
- TTI Relationship Insights TM
    Sample Behavioral Style Reports

TTI Success Insights TM  Workplace Motivators TM (PIAV)
This assessment analyzes a person's Motivators; that is, the WHY of people's actions; what is is that is driving a person's life. The 6 categories of Motivators include:
  1. Utilitarian - Drive for Money
  2. Theoretical - Drive for Knowledge
  3. Traditional - Drive for Order
  4. Aesthetic - Drive for Harmony/Beauty
  5. Individualistic - Drive for Power
  6. Social - Drive to Help People
A person's top 2 Motivators will drive their actions and strongly influence their decisions.

Sample Motivators Reports

TTI Persoanal Talent Skills Inventory TM
Unique to the Personal Talent Skills Inventory is its ability to assess an individual's cognitive structure (i.e., how their mind perceives themselves and the world around them) based on their responses to the Hartman Value Profile instrument. The result is a highly accurate ranking of personal CAPACITIES describing individual potential for workplace performance.

The Persoanl Talent Skills Inventory is highly effective in coaching, mentoring and personal development. All PTSI reports are available exclusively on TTI's Internet Delivery ServiceT.

  • PTSI - Healthcare Version
  • PTSI - Emotional Intelligence Version
  • PTSI - General Employment Version
  • PTSI - Leadership/Management Version
  • PTSI - Sales Management Version
  • PTSI - Sales Version
  • PTSI - Customer Service Version

TriMetrixT System



Match multiple candidates to job benchmarks for selection and/or personal development

The TriMetrixT System is augmented by a wide variety of RxCDs (see "Additional Products" under "Products" section on that contain self-study courses as personal development resources. Reports available in the TriMetrixT System are:

  • TriMetrixT Job Report
  • TriMetrixT Job Plus Report
  • TriMetrixT Personal Talent Report
  • TriMetrixT Personal Talent Plus Report
  • TriMetrixT Multiple Respondent Job Plus Report
  • TriMetrixT Job Plus/Talent Comparison Report

Interactive Insights T

Today's highly effective employees are those who understand how to work with an ever-changing base of knowledge and information. However, the enormous effort needed to define and manage a talent inventory with personalized development plans often prevents organizations from moving forward. TTI's Interactive InsightsT process give organizations capability to inventory employee talents and automatically create personalized development plans that capitalize on unique individual strengths.

Interactive InsightsT includes the following reports:

  • Interactive InsightsT - Success Version
  • Interactive InsightsT - Sales Version
  • Interactive InsightsT - Relationship Version
  • Interactive InsightsT - Team Building Version
  • Interactive InsightsT - Motivation Version

Task Quotient TM

This assessment tool evaluates an employees current task alignment. TQ TM is defined as the percentage mixture of each of the 3 task types (Routine, Trouble-Shooting and Project). Each of us has a unique mixture out of a possible 496 different possibilities that defines our optimal state of motivation. There are several reports available for personal and organizational use:

- Developmental TQ T Report
- Personal TQ
T Report
- Job TQ
T Report

- Job/Personal TQ T Comparison Report  
- Multiple-Respondent Job TQ T Report
Sample TQ Reports

Managing For Success® (MFS) Software Collection

The MFS collection of reports is based on TTI's Style AnalysisT (DISC) and Personal Interests, Attitudes and ValuesT (PIAV) instruments. These well known reports present personalized textual information on individuals' behaviors, as well as DISC graphs, showing natural and adapted behaviors. Also included is a PIAV report, summarizing the "motivators" that drive people to action.

MFS reports are specifically designed for a number of targeted audiences:

  • MFS Communicating with StyleT
  • MFS Customer Service
  • MFS Employee-ManagerT
  • MFS Executive
  • MFS Interviewing InsightsT-General
  • MFS Interviewing InsightsT-Sales
  • MFS Personal Interests, Attitudes and ValuesT
  • MFS Sales
  • MFS Sales Strategy IndexT
  • MFS Team Building
  • MFS Time P.L.U.S.T
  • MFS Work Environment

Other reports based off this instrument:

  • EFLT Administrator
  • EFLT Student
  • EFLT Teacher
  • Family TalkT - Parent
  • Family TalkT - Young Adult
  • Golf Stroke Save



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