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Our instructional sessions will help you and your staff improve performance and behavior. We provide training and support at your location. For more information, please email us.

Below is a brief summary of our current training programs:

Managing For Success®

Re-Energizing the Organization TM (ETO) (Managers Only)

Tapping into the tremendous potential of "people power" is the direction of cutting edge companies. An understanding of behavioral styles has been proven to increase communication, relationships, sales, and profits. ETO provides you with six independent training modules. They will assist you with applying and using TTI products in different settings to energize the organization.

Accountability Management

A Management Process Program for those who have responsibilities for the performance of others. Accountability Management helps managers identify and close the gaps between current and desired performance. Accountability Management provides today's leaders, managers and performers with a systematic process for assessing, planning and managing change


You can't get more time! So you must learn how to increase your daily production to reach weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Through self-assessment and self-awareness exercises, we will help you find out where you are spending your time, discover where you rate in the areas of strategizing, organizing, directing, and controlling your day.


Coaching For Success

Coaching/Mentoring for Success

Developing management talent is much more complicated than managing. Most managers have not been trained to coach. This program was designed to capitalize on the coaching/management experience in such a way that each manager will receive coaching in the areas that will impact their leadership skills the most. This coaching partnership results in effective utilization of learned skills to provide more effective management efforts. The overall result is more performance and more personal satisfaction.

Building High Performance Teams

This training is designed to provide the participants with the skills and knowledge to build High Performance Teams. This program allows each organization or consultant/trainer to customize the process for their individual applications.


E xecutive S trategic D evelopment capitalizes on strengths . . . and smoothly sidesteps weaknesses that others say could hamper success. Stop undervaluing ability and contribution. Find the best way to leverage time . . . to achieve the most results in the least amount of time. Learn and apply the skills necessary to build successful business relationships with superiors, peers subordinates and customers.

Continuous Lifelong Learning

A personal and professional development process which puts people in charge of their own careers. The three components of success are commitment, accountability, and coaching.

Communicating For Success

Dynamic Communication TM /DISC

This seminar will enhance the communication between you and your prospect and add to your selling process.

Dynamic Customer Satisfaction (DCS)

Companies are scrambling to attract, keep, and satisfy the customer. This program will challenge your attitude and help you to set and lay the foundation for a dynamic customer plan.

Work Place Motivators - Your Attitude is Showing TM

Often people lack the words to articulate why they do the things they do or why they feel the way they feel. This session raises the awareness of one's attitude and values and empowers them to a more satisfying life style.



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